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Adora is a young blind girl who at the beginning always came by the apartment building where Jane lived in order to find the one she loved. Later on she and Winter become friends, when he played a trick on her, because he wanted to see what happened when someone was in despair. She tells him that the one that is the most precious to her is Zoe, and that she could not live without him.

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Appearance Edit

Adora appears to be in her late teens or early twenties, and is seen walking around with a black cane in order to successfully get by due to her blindness. She has long dark blonde hair which falls around her waist and bangs. She usually has it down but sometimes it is in a high pony tail. She has violet coloured eyes, and is usually seen wearing a semi-long red winter coat and a olive grey scarf around her neck, along with an earthy sage green dress. But also wears an orange Peter-Pan collared dress, that her lover Zoe gives her on their date. Winter describes her as lovely but not as lovely as Jane. She doesn't have an outfit that she constantly wears, resulting in her multiple wardrobe changes, she has.

Personality Edit

Adora is calm, gentle, unique, and kind. At times in the story she has an anxiety moment, due to her dark past before meeting Zoe. She smiles most of the time but she can be serious, especially when it comes to grave conversations. She shows some weakness in dealing with emotions, but eventually powers through and deals with situations logically, with the help of Zoe who promises to be by her side and help her throughout the way. She also not very expressive and is seemingly introverted.

She holds Zoe dear to her heart, as a result of him and her having a close relationship. Zoe was the one who discovered Adora in a fatal fight with her abuser when she was young. She is always curious on Zoe's looks since she is blind she has no idea what he looks like. Zoe forbids her not to look at his face but Adora constantly persits him to show her his face. After a certain point, Adora seemed to become oversensitive towards the fact that she had had enough of Zoe and his horrible tactics against her, such as shoving her in the room she hates so much and almost drowning her. Since this point, Adora forgave Zoe and they are now together as an official couple.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Adora is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name "Adora" is: "Glory"
  • Isn't really good at taking care of herself. Ex: constantly staying out in the cold and getting sick.